Oil coming out of my valve covers

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Oil coming out of my valve covers

Postby Heavyweight » Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:54 am

Ok so this past spring I pulled all the soild roller out of my big block chevy and replaces it with a hydraulic roller and made my truck more of an ice cream retival machine for the kids and I. And hopefully a regular back in the dunes if my work schedule will ever let get have a weekend free. That being said I was running moroso push in breathers in the valve covers. The problem I was having was that I was getting a ton of oil coming out of them, and the covers where bent. So I dished out the coin for the Dart head covers for my Pro1's. I had the holes machined for 1.25 breathers, install grommets with baffles and new breathers that have baffles in them too. And I still have oil coming out of the breathers. Enough that makes it not fun to drive down the rode or race. plus it is a mess when I park it. I do not want use a PCV and suck the pressure out of the crank case. The valve covers do not have baffles in them from Dart. Has anyone else had this problem before and how did you solve it? I have tried several things with no luck and it is time to ask for help. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Oil coming out of my valve covers

Postby norm » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:32 pm

Do the grommets fit tight in the hole in the cover? Are they possibly directly over a rocker so oil is getting squirted right at them?
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