Rear engine dragster

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Rear engine dragster

Postby No Power » Thu Oct 10, 2019 3:25 pm

175" wheelbase chromoly mono shock chassis. From the tip of the nose to the back of the scoops is 209" Chassis has remote mount water pump, halogen fire extinguisher system, strange aluminum dragster housing, 6.50 gear, coan shorty powerglide, 33x17x15 16 scoop tires and smoothie front tires. B&M bandit shifter, suspened front and rear. Rides like a caddy. Cage is 16 3/4" at the front and 20" at the seating area, 35" from the seat to the top of the cage, lay back style seat. It's a Peyton chassis with aluminum body. Was 7.50 cert until 2013. Car went 3.38 @ 94mph at Brookville with a 4.8 turbo ls setup.
$8,500 Ryan 5136008146 located in West Harrison, Indiana 47060 about 20 min from gravelrama ... 73103.html
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